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Top 8 Highest Paying Jobs in India

Highest Paying Jobs in India

The IT sector has been the most rewarding sector to both the customers and the professionals. Redundancy is the biggest crime in computer technology. However, computers are developed to perform mundane and redundant work. The IT era is continuously evolving and growing from relation based databases to non-relational database systems. The shift is quite prominent and efficient.

Meanwhile, technologies are also evolving from access control to masking to encryption and now blockchain. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has witnessed a shift to blockchain technology recently, where the global India head suggested the banking system should use blockchain technology for secured banking transactions. The IT sector is the most advanced and competitive one in the world. To be relevant, one shouldn't become redundant. The gap between redundant and relevant would be bridged by educating oneself. Therefore, we must equip and educate ourselves with guidance from industry experts. As the title suggests here is the list of highest paying IT jobs in India -

Big Data Engineer-

The job description will say - “A person who may synthesize a large amount of raw data into actionable and decisive strategic setting, decision making and innovation.” The professionals are needed to upgrade the software and hardware infrastructure of the company so that the system will work with data. The trend across the globe recommends that the Big Data individuals usually hold a Computer Science degree and are exceptionally good in Mathematics and Databases. The national average salary of a Big Data Engineer as quoted from Glassdoor survey is - “7.56 LPA”.

DevOps Engineer-

The bridge is a common technical term that is used across IT as a term for linking something. The job description of a DevOps Engineer is of a bridge between the coding team and engineers. These engineers are the backbone of a company who works as a problem-solving team. They work with all the departments and develop technologies to increase the productivity of the system by pivotal intervention of IT services. The average Indian salary of a DevOps Engineer as quoted from top hiring companies is- “6.75LPA”.

Information Systems Security Manager-

The global economy is currently running on Data and it requires security and shelter. The shelter that safeguards the data and also complies with government regulations. The job description for this most in-demand position would look like - “an individual worked with security systems and rich knowledge of network security systems. A certificate from CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) CompTIA Security + is mandatory” along with great intrapersonal, leadership and communication skills is a must for this role. The average salary quoted from the Glassdoor job survey is- “18.4LPA”.

Mobile Application Developer-

It is imperative that this would appear in this list, as the global population that possesses a smartphone has increased exponentially. With a touch of a button, we can make payments, order food, book tickets, switch ON/OFF the appliances, connect with people sitting miles away, and much more. The job description for this role would be like- "a candidate with prior experience of popular platforms such as Android or iOS, with abundant information about web development languages and smartphone frameworks”. The average salary for Mobile Application Developer quoting from interview bit is “3.76LPA”.

Applications Architect-

This is an outstanding job role in any IT company. It deals with user interface and infrastructure. This job requires excellent communication ability, planning skills, and execution potential. At times individuals performing this job are required to work with or manage teams from the different diaspora. The job description for this role will be like- “Individual with prodigious technical skills with phenomenal leadership qualities and delivery of persistent projects on time”. The usual salary for an Application Architect in India “quoting from” is 8.75LPA.

Data Architect-

Data Architect is a person who deals with the allocation of data centers so that the communication of important data sets should be fast and accessible. The location of these data centres is to be positioned strategically to minimize running costs and simultaneously comply with government regulations. The job description for this role would be like- " A tech professional who is well versed in communicating business requirements and meeting it with implying database and data storage techniques” The highest salary for this role quoted from job hunt website is around - “20 LPA”.

Database Manager-

The Database Managers Role is similar to Data Architect but it is more inclined towards the service aspect of the organization. For a note, they follow an Architect and Civil Engineer relationship where one designs the plan and the other person implements it and maintains the regularity. The Database Manager is typically required in big organizations where they have data centres across the globe. The job description for this role would look like this- “ A person holding expertise in managing databases and maintaining database environments to meet end needs of business requirements” The average salary for this role quoted from is “15.46 LPA”.

Data Security Analyst-

A data security analyst is required to have expertise in network security that includes firewall technologies, encryption technologies, and network protocols. It is a mandate that the person must hold good communication skills with excellent problem-solving aptitude. The person must update his knowledge with the latest security guidelines and implement the best with compliance to government policies of data security. The job description for this role would be “ A person having expertise in firewall implementation and network security with excellent communication skills and problem-solving aptitude.” A certificate such as CISSP Certified Information Security Service Professional(CISSP) would be beneficial for the role. The average salary package for this role given by Glassdoor is “5.93 LPA”.


It is imperative that IT is the most advanced sector which requires continuous enhancement. The highest-paying jobs are for those who have gained expertise in their specific field. It is important to have good knowledge of “which sector is most rewarding of all” but it is also equally important to decide which sector would be beneficial for you considering the current circumstances. The individual must strive for the best and meanwhile, they must know where they stand and what would be best for them. It is important to have a college education but it would be wrong to say that “if a person graduated with commerce can’t program computers.” There is a need to understand that "the chances of achieving higher salary mainly depends on the expertise and skills acquired."

The structured education that a person may study in knowledge is important but it needs continuous addition. These changes are very slow to be adopted by the administrative body. Therefore, in order to stay relevant one must keep their knowledge up to date alongside college education by enrolling in courses offered by industry experts.

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