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Incredible Career with Machine learning

Incredible Career with Machine learning

Living in the digital era with the data all around, there is a need for someone who can analyze, draw patterns and process the colossal amount of data in no span of time. So, here machines come into the picture and replace humans by imitating them. And this leads to a significant rise in machine learning technologies.

Why should one choose Machine learning as a career?

If one is on the verge of starting their career and confused about Machine Learning as a career path, then there is a need to understand what Machine Learning is and its applications.

What is Machine learning?

Machine learning is a scientific discipline concerned with the design, and development of algorithms that allow machines to mimic human intelligence. Generally, it is, based on the idea that a system learns from historical data by examining it, identifying the pattern, and making decisions with the least human intervention.

What are the general applications of Machine learning?

Few applications of Machine learning in our day-to-day lives:

Speech recognition:

  • Speech recognition is one of the applications of Machine Learning, where the respective software converts the recorded or live voice note into a text file.


  • Alexa
  • Google home

These devices with automatic speech recognition technology help you with voice search, voice dialing, and controlling the appliances.

Health care:

  • Machine learning does a great job in the medical diagnosis of diseases, especially in detecting cancerous tissues and identifying rare genetic diseases.

Google maps:

  • Google Maps, which we use in our day-to-day lives is powered by machine learning. It provides us with directions, and analysis of the massive traffic data and predicts the fastest route through its algorithms.

Image recognition:

  • Google photos is the perfect example that uses Image recognition algorithms. It incorporates pattern recognition software that helps organize the images and access easy sharing online based on the search by people, things, and places in your photos.


  • Product recommendations we get on different apps and websites once we search for a particular product are one of the applications of machine learning. It takes place by tracking our google history. Mostly, it benefits the e-commerce companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

Also, one of the coolest applications of Machine learning is the Self Driving Cars by Tesla, based on unsupervised learning algorithms.

How does youth experience a progressive career in it?

As humans allow technology to take charge of their lives, Artificial intelligence is booming in today’s world.

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that adopts the data-driven method and learns by itself without being explicitly programmed.

Looking at the few applications of Machine learning mentioned above, one might have got an idea of its growth and need of it in the development of different technologies. The demand for employment in this field is increasing because almost every industry relies on its mechanism.

This massive usage of machine learning in today’s world led to the exponential growth of its technology, which caused great opportunities for budding talents. And this eventually enables youth to experience a progressive career in it.

Advantages of choosing the Machine Learning Career Path

  • Machine learning will provide an opportunity to work on real-life challenges and find solutions using analytical skills. As a result, finding a technological solution keeps you relieved and contented.
  • As Machine learning is indeed a great technology, it is going to be a long-standing, enduring platform that has no possibility of a decline in its demand and thereby assures job security.
  • There is a huge requirement for qualified and experienced Machine Learning professionals in various industries such as cyber security, marketing, health care, manufacturing, etc. Because this technology is still in its infancy, entering this stage boosts one’s career to a different level.
  • One could explore different domains in data science at any point.
  • The professionals with machine learning course certifications and good skills are offered huge salary packages compared with other job profiles. Therefore, one could expect a sky-touching package near future based on experience.

Implementation of Machine learning in different fields:

As machine learning is a ubiquitous and ever-growing platform, one needs to know the role of machine learning in different fields and the programming languages applied in machine learning. Examples: Scalable machine learning on big data by using PySpark, Data science machine learning, and Machine learning with python.

Scalable Machine learning on Big data by using PySpark

Processing innumerable data sets requires strenuous efforts. But, this process could turn simple yet efficient with the application of machine learning in big data by using PySpark.

As big data is compatible with multiple programming languages, one could process large sets of data with end-to-end machine learning implementations in the easiest way with the utmost remarkable end results.

This benefits industry experts in querying, and data processing to generate statistical reports in a much more advanced way.

Machine learning with Python

Python is a high-level, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language. Since it has a wide variety of libraries, it could present data in a human-readable format with the help of visualization tools. This makes python an ideal programming language and a perfect choice to use in Machine learning projects.

Role of Machine learning in Data science

To extract meaningful insights from data during data analysis, Data science comprises various techniques, fields, and domains. Machine learning is one of the domains that play a prominent role in the data science lifecycle by drawing valuable information with the designed algorithms from the colossal amounts of data.

Career Growth in Machine learning

Different career paths that you can opt for through machine learning are:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • NLP Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Scientist, or a Human-Centered Machine Learning Designer

Besides being remunerative jobs, these are lucrative as people with such skills are demanding, and every tech giant wants to secure the top minds with machine learning skills to enhance their growth.


Being a quick analyzer of large chunks of data, Machine learning has the competence to automate the process of data analysis and provide real-time predictions. Currently, Machine learning turned into an umbrella term for a set of methods, techniques, and tools that help machines learn by themselves without any human intervention.

With the massive rise in the field, machine learning is poised to take the lead in the near future.

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