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Future & Scope of the Top 5 Emerging Technologies in 2022.

Future and Scope of the Top 5 Emerging Technologies in 2022

The world is getting ready to fully roll out the 5G spectrum (3.5 GHz to 3.7 GHz) enabling a new world of possibilities for industries like AR/VR/XR, Internet of Things (IoT), and Robotics to create next-generation 5G technologies.

It is estimated that these 5G enabled technologies will add an overall value of USD 450 billion to the Indian economy alone by the end of 2040. For tech enthusiasts and new career seekers in India and across the globe, this means a whole lot of new technologies to know about in 2022.

Edifypath’s Pick - Top 5 Emerging Technologies

Everything has an expiry date. We move ahead as a civilization leaving behind everything that doesn’t evolve, time and efficiency being the judge and jury of what gets left behind in our collective consciousness. Like the Orkut went extinct when Facebook came, how the dial pads (keypads) on our mobiles were thrown out when we got touch screens.

The dynamic nature of growing demands and depleting resources is making us search for something new and something more efficient every day. In the last five years alone, we have seen private players and state-sourced R&D labs achieve huge milestones in terms of computation and communication technologies, enabling higher efficiency for many industries in the economy.

Quantum Technology and Quantum Communications

Quantum Science is the most promising field of study in physics with new breakthroughs happening across the globe. The most recent advancement in this field is Quantum Supremacy and Quantum Communications.

Both the USA (Google) and China claimed that they have achieved Quantum Supremacy allowing for the unimaginable speeds of calculations and processing abilities. Google claimed that their sycamore processor can finish a task in 200 seconds which otherwise would take 10,000 years for the fastest supercomputers to do the same task.

What is Quantum Communications?

Quantum Communications is the application of Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Physics) in the field of Information and Communications. ISRO has recently got a breakthrough in Quantum communication by communicating over a distance of 300 meters.

ISRO is yet to achieve something big in Quantum Communications as China has already launched a Quantum Satellite with the name Micius. China has successfully received communication through its Quantum Satellite.

Quantum Technology like Quantum Key Distribution and Quantum Communications allow industries to achieve high data processing abilities in a more secure way than traditional communications. It is literally impossible to decrypt anything encrypted with Quantum Key Distribution as it uses Quantum Keys instead of the bytes (binary) version of the traditional computers to store and process information.

As the global economy keeps growing into the coming decade, Quantum Technology and Quantum Communications will most definitely be one of the emerging technologies in 2022.

Making Sense of the Data-Machine Learning With Big Data.

The companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft alone store more than 1200 Petabytes of data at their respective data centers- one petabyte being 1000 Terabytes and 1 Terabyte is 1000 GB.

Data is the power behind many of these giants, but all of this would be without use if you don’t have a way to organize the available data and make meaningful predictions or assessments.

Machine Learning Models are how these companies process this humongous data available to them. Machine Learning and Big Data complement each other- the more datasets you give to a Machine Learning algorithm the more it learns.

Machine Learning (Scalable Machine Learning) is being increasingly used in industries like Healthcare, Banking & Finance, E-commerce, Manufacturing, etc. This makes Machine Learning with Big Data one of the emerging technologies in 2022.

From the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Internet of Behaviour (IoB)

Internet of Things promises us a world of seamless connectivity and accessibility with real-time monitoring and data feedback enabled by cloud computingBut 2022 is all about the Internet of Behaviours (IoB).

Most of the companies have realized the value locked in the field of Internet of Behaviours (IoB). IoT has enabled these companies to track various parameters like locations, facial recognition, financials, etc. It is estimated that this new and emerging technology, IoB will cover more than half the population by 2025, so surely this is one of the emerging technologies in 2022.

Edge Technologies - Edge Artificial Intelligence; Faster and Smarter

Edge technology itself is not in this list of emerging technologies but the new innovations and the machine learning algorithms that are leveraging Edge technology and Artificial Intelligence to create Edge Artificial intelligence and opening up a whole new way of how Artificial Intelligence works in near future. In other words, Edge Artificial Intelligence is the future of AI.

Most of Artificial Intelligence so far heavily relies on the cloud to store the huge amounts of data it generates. Most of the computing that an AI requires is done at this cloud level, but by introducing the idea of computing at the edge, AI systems can now store and compute at the end-user level using hardware like drones.

Edge AI is also considered to be more secure and private as the data stored is decentralized, unlike cloud computing. The ability to compute and store data like this is facilitating to industries like Automation, Self-Driven Cars, Drone Delivery, Healthcare, etc. Edge AI without any doubt is one of the most emerging technologies in 2022.

Extended Reality (XR) - The Future of Gaming & Entertainment Industry?

Extended Reality (XR) is the most interesting pick among the emerging technologies in 2022. The value proposition of this industry is enormous in terms of solutions it can offer and expected to reach a market value of $20 billion by the end of 2013.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have already made a huge impact on the Gaming and Entertainment Industry in particular. Extended Reality is the projection of AR, VR, and mixed reality to give a life-like experience to the users creating a whole new space to work and operate within.

Extended Reality can change the way our social media platforms work in the near future. Many industries are set to get benefited from the solutions Extended Reality can offer in real life. Virtual sports tournaments, football match practice for professional players, online content delivery, working business models, health care services, real estate, marketing, workforce management, and many other industries are set to benefit from the Extended Reality technologies.

The global slowdown of the economy might have affected the way businesses are planning to roll out new technologies in 2022. There are a lot of other interesting technologies that deserve a place in Edifypath’s list, however, we will be covering them in another article. Stay tuned for more interesting updates in technology.

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