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A graduate in any discipline with strong entrepreneurial potential to start a business


It is indeed an exciting time for starting up in India. Approximately about two ventures are born every single day and the young generation is keen to be a part of the action. Investors, industry grouping, and technology companies say that now is when India must pay attention to its youth and college campuses to nurture entrepreneurship and keep the startup momentum going. The Central and state governments are actively encouraging entrepreneurship through several initiatives. With all this eco-system revolving around the development of entrepreneurship, there really couldn't be a better time to encourage startups on and off college campuses.

Most startups today are technology-based but do not have the wherewithal to sustain the business due to a lack of knowledge in understanding the market, designing the organization, managing the financials, hiring and retaining talent, and giving good leadership, thereby leading to a huge failure rate amongst startups. Start-up training and incubation, therefore, should be given importance to nurture entrepreneurial skills and business acumen in a formal and structured way. This is important to create an entrepreneurial India. It is in this context that we are proposing specially focused programs in entrepreneurship, startup management, and business incubation. This will not only nurture entrepreneurship but in the process also become a hub for innovation and co-production with the Industry. We see a future where big businesses would, as a normal practice, co-innovate and co-produce along with startups, and this will be critical to bringing the nation on the Entrepreneurship/Innovation map.

Program Objectives:

   The program introduces you to the entrepreneurial journey. It focuses on the process from idea generation and convergence to gaining traction in the marketplace, to raising capital for your venture.
   It explains how entrepreneurs run structured experiments to validate ideas and refine business strategies.
   It will help you vet your idea, increase your intelligence in business research, and make you analyze the financial implications to create a business.
   It will help leverage experiments to validate concepts and refine your business strategy.
   It will assist you in discovering the key financial decisions that entrepreneurs must make in the early stages of a startup.
   Enables you to the process of raising capital and speaking to investors.

Who is this course for?

1. Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Whether you're a first-time entrepreneur with the start of an idea or are exploring entrepreneurship to learn the language of the startup world.

2. Early-Stage Entrepreneurs

Having just ventured into starting up and want to gain an overarching framework to evaluate opportunities, manage startups of finance new ventures.

3. Students

As a student, you want to explore what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and determine whether starting a business or working for a startup is the right path for you.



Ideas and opportunity recognition and assessment

Building a business model

Financing a business

Sources of investment

About the Mentor:

Dr. Nandita Sethi is the Founder & MD of The Entrepreneur Zone (TEZ), which is an Entrepreneurship Development Centre and a Startup Accelerator, providing mentorship and consultancy to startups and businesses. She has a doctorate in International Economics and her 28 yrs of experience, she has trained several top/mid-management levels on Global Markets, Business Environment, Corporate Reforms, Marketing Trends, Strategy & Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship. She has authored the book The Asia Pacific Region: Emerging Opportunities for India and edited the book, Global Meltdown: Regional Impacts and Rethinking India’s Growth Strategy: Services vs Manufacturing”. Since 2015 she is mentoring & consulting startups and budding entrepreneurs through her organization TEZ, which runs programs to help Startups/SMEs. She is a mentor for TiE, GIT, ISB-TEP, CII-IWN, UoH, ICRISAT, WeHub, etc. She has been awarded the TiE Best Mentor Award 2016-17 in the TiE-ISB Connect, the Indywood Business Excellence Award in Nov 2019, and the COWE Excellence Award in March 2021. She is the past Chairperson of CII-Indian Women Network (2019-20), Telangana, which helps women professionals and entrepreneurs. She is also a TEDx speaker. Her organization The Entrepreneur Zone has been adjudged as the top 10 Startup Consultant Organization in India (Silicon India, Nov 2016-17). Many startups have taken mentorship from TEZ and have launched their business. Today her mission is to integrate entrepreneurship training deeply into the existing Educational system so that we see more Startup activities on campuses and create a culture and thinking which is highly entrepreneurial.

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