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Any Graduates, Freshers, Engineers, Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, or Entrepreneurs.


Storing and processing huge amounts of data is a very challenging procedure. To overcome this issue we have Big Data Hadoop which is a new age data storage and processing platform that has the capacity to handle large petabytes of data. By using the most accepted prescriptive analytics, data scientists and other analytics in businesses can find new avenues. Big Data Hadoop is one such open-source framework that is written in Java. As per a report given by Accenture, “79% of the enterprise executives agree that companies would lose competitive advantage and face extinction if they don’t embrace and inculcate Big Data practices”. Now, the road to becoming a full-stack Big Data Hadoop developer is made easy at EdifyPath. We make you understand the in-depth science behind the Hadoop ecosystem and its components including their integration. Build a data lake using Big Data tools enormously. Avail hands-on experience, interact with NoSQL databases and take your businesses to the next level of development.

Course Highlights

   Engaging e-learning platform
   Valued Certification
   Specially designed curriculum
   Top industry experts
   Internship & Placement opportunities
   Prestigious institutional collaborations

     One-on-one student guidance support
     All-time Academic support throughout the course
     Learn at your own pace
   Easy & Convenient learning style
     Hassle-free access to course

Who is this course for?

We welcome Graduates, Freshers, Engineers (any stream), Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, and those who see a future in Big-Data & Hadoop industry. There’s a lot behind learning the science of Big-Data & Hadoop, because of its vast scope and it is expected to be the most prominent industry in the coming generations.

Course Objectives

Learn and understand data processing from fundamentals to advance level in the arena of Data Science.

Defining the integrated process of how various ecosystem components are utilized independently to bring out desired results.

Acquire knowledge on the practical implementation of data lakes that is an added advantage to the organization to pool in new business opportunities.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Data
  • Data Need, Storage Reqts, Info. and its imp., Events and rec., Manual and Auto. Sys for Data Mgmt.
  • Comp. sys for data mgmt., Intro to RDBMS, Normalization, CRUD Ops, DW and BI, EDS and Data Lake
  • Mini Project-1
  • Assessment-1
Introduction to UNIX Operating System
  • Intro to OS and Unix and it's functionalities, Unix installation and login to command line
  • Unix file system and its fundamentals, Command classification, Introduction to pipe and filters
  • Command practice ls, mkdir, rmdir, cat, touch, cd, standard input, output, error devices
  • File commands, Authentication and Authorization, Unix user types and file/directory permissions
  • Absolute and Relative paths, Wild cards and their usage in commands and Working with Filters
  • Mini Project-2
  • Assessment-2
Introduction to SQL
  • SQL and RDBMS intro, Installing MySQL, SQL Commands, Working with DB, tables and data types
  • Data de-duplication, Creating tables with relationships and Loading data into tables
  • Data retrieval from multiple tables, Joining, row filtering and altering tables
  • Grouping and aggregation and MySQL functions
  • Exercises, inserting data into tables and loading data into tables
  • Exercises, selecting data using sub queries and practicing joining and other clauses
  • Exercices
  • Mini project-3
  • Assessment-3
Major Project Phase-1
  • Document-1
Introduction to BigData Hadoop
  • Introduction to Analytics, and Descriptive Analytics
  • Modern age analytics with ex-Storage Processing needs-BigData Challenges,Soldeveloped,comparision
  • Analytics Journey, Data Formats, Processing unstructured data, Data Evolution, BigData Limitations
  • Modern Data, BigData, Hadoop, and it’s architecture - HDFS
  • Hadoop YARN, Installing Hadoop
  • Enterprise Hadoop Architecture, Hadoop and Ecosystem, End user view
  • Understanding HDFS Commands
  • Mini Project 4
  • Assessment-4
Apache Hive and Hive QL
  • Apache Hive and Hive QL - Part 1
  • Practice Assignment 1
  • Apache Hive and Hive QL Overview - Part 2
  • Practice Assignment 2
  • Apache Hive and Hive QL Overview - Part 3
  • Practice Assignment 3
  • Hive Bucketing, Transactional tables, Managed Vs External tables in Hive
  • Mini Project 5
  • Assessment-5
Major Project Phase-2
  • Document-2
Apache Sqoop
  • Introduction, Installation, File Formations and Query Evaluation
  • Data Importing using Apache Sqoop, Performance, Incremental Import, Using different file formats
  • Working with Hive Import, related options and their usage
  • Mini Project 6
  • Assessment-6
Major Project Phase-3
  • Document-3
Apache HBase
  • An Introduction to NoSQL DB Systems, ACID and CAP Theorems that govern data management
  • Various NoSQL DBs available, Classification and their features
  • Installing HBase, Introduction to HBase, Architecture, Comparisons
  • Understanding HBase Data Model, Rows, Column Families, Columns, TimeStamp, RowKey etc.
  • Views of HBase Table, Working HBase, Starting Cmd Line Shell, Creating Table, Adding Rows – Put Cmd
  • Reading Rows (get and scan commands), Counting records, Deleting cells, columns and rows
  • Modifying column families, disabling, adding, and deleting columns families
  • HBase and Hive Integration, Major and Minor Compactions
  • Mini Project-7
  • Assessment-7
Apache Flume
  • Intro to Apache Flume, Understanding Features and Configuration
  • Setup Agent, Agent configuration for Hadoop HDFS and Logging from Console
  • Agent configuration for Twitter, Complex configurations, supported sources, channels and sinks
  • Mini Project-8
  • Assessment-8
Apache Pig
  • An introduction to Apache Pig, Features, Applications, and Installation
  • Pig Architecture, Working modes, Case sensitivity and Basic Commands
  • Loading Data, Fields using Position, Naming, Specifying Data types – Schema
  • Understanding Data Types, Load Store Functions, Different File formats and Filtering records
  • Functions, Split, Group by, Ranking, Distinct operation, etc.
  • Mini Project-9
  • Assessment-9
Major Project Phase-4
  • Document-4
Doubt Clearing Session
  • Doubt Clearing Session



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Online Big Data-Hadoop course with extensive teaching methodology


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Benefits of pursuing Big Data & Hadoop

  • Big Data Hadoop is a specially designed course for both professionals and students who aspire to evolve as professional Data Scientists. Big Data is quite popular for its enormous advantages for large data lakes to store and process. Technology is leading us towards a huge heap of data in the coming years. We need to make ourselves ready for this transition.
  • Big Data Hadoop course is the most in-demand course helping companies to grow and set new market dimensions.
  • New definitions of business development can be discovered through Big Data Hadoop platforms and help you in evolving as a Full-Stack Big Data Hadoop developer.

Mentor - Rama Kumar Prabhala

Rama Kumar is a specialized trainer turned software architect in Big Data technologies and holds an MCA from Vinayaka Missions University, TN, and M.Sc in Applied Physics from Rani Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur, MP. He is recognized as one of the best trainers in the industry and facilitates training for professionals from various countries. He is actively engaged in architecture and developing migration tools for data migration projects for an MNC currently.

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