Elastic Search

Elasticsearch is the core element of Elastic Stack - a set of open source tools for logging, storing, and analyzing big data. The speed and scalability offered by Elasticsearch make it one of the key tools for various core activities like Enterprise search, Application search, Application performance monitoring, Business analytics, and other wide range of activities.

Acquire a complete hands-on experience in leveraging ELK stack to build Enterprise search, Text Analytics & Reporting.


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Struts is a Java Web application framework that implements Model View Controller (MVC) separation of concern in its architecture.

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Course Name : ELK Stack

Course Covers : Basic of Java and ELK stack
Course Duration : 22 Hours 
Course Validity : 6 months from the time of purchase
Course Eligibility /Prerequisites :

● Basics of Object-oriented programming.

● Any programming language.

● Ideal for freshers and students aspiring to start a career in IT Industry.


Java Basics
  • Java Introduction
  • Assessment 01
  • File IO
  • Assessment 02
  • Multi-Threading
  • Assessment 03
  • Collection Framework
  • Assessment 04
  • Exception Handling
  • Assessment 05
  • Java Spring
  • Assessment 06
ELK Introduction
  • About Lucene
  • ELK Use Cases
  • ELK Components Introduction
ELK Setup
  • Standalone ES
  • Logstash, Kibana
  • Kibana
  • Distributed Setup
  • Indexing Documents
  • Data Types

Course objectives

Focuses on practical learning of Elastic Stack with real-time case studies.

Maintains a fine balance of learning by code and textual description.

Learn to use a lot of commonly used features in applications.

Introduction to some modules from Text Analytics.

Mentor - Vighnesh

Vighnesh is an associate architect with OTSI. He has an overall experience of 8 years in the IT industry. Delivered more than 7 Projects. He has experience in delivering training programs for IT Professionals.

Benefits of Pursuing Elastic Search

• Elastic Stack is one of the widely used stacks in many enterprises broadly in the areas of Enterprise Search, SIEM, and Text Analytics.

• This would enable the users to upgrade their skills and enhance their careers.

Why EdifyPath for JAVA Struts

  • Focus on industry-oriented topics that are in-demand.
  • Emphasis on the practical application of the topic that gets you hands -on with working knowledge of the subject.
  • Method-learning through actual- real-life daily business scenarios which is helpful to face interviews and get productive from day one in your new job.

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