Fundamentals of Electric Vehicles

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Any Graduates, Freshers, Engineers, Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, or Entrepreneurs.


Pollutants from automobiles are a serious threat to life on earth, resulting in world issues like global warming, climate change, etc. The world is currently on the verge of saving itself from greenhouse gases. Pollution control boards have been taking strict actions to pull down the pollution rate. Renewable energy resources are the need of the hour to address these global issues. To bring about a change in the economically damaged ecosystem, we need to rediscover commuting styles and shift to sustainable solutions. Electric vehicles are the current big sensation and the wave of the future.

Course Highlights

   Engaging e-learning platform
   Valued Certification
   Specially designed curriculum
   Top industry experts
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Who is this course for?

We welcome Graduates, Freshers, Engineers (any stream), Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs and those who see future in EV industry. There’s a lot behind learning the science of EV, because of its vast scope and it is expected to be the most sustaining industry in the coming generations.

Course Objectives

Acquaint information on the governmental and private body policy frameworks to take up electric vehicle mobility across India.

The course is designed exclusively to teach the components and working principles of electric vehicles.

Our courses are certified, approved, and validated by prominent industry experts.

Course Curriculum

Intro for EV Course – Orientation | Global Perspective
  • Intro for EV Course – Orientation | Global Perspective
Indian Context, Local Dynamics & Opportunities
  • Indian Context, Local Dynamics & Opportunities
Automobile Evoloution | The origin of EVs
  • Automobile Evoloution | The origin of EVs
Working of an automobile
  • Working of an automobile
How Engines Work
  • How Engines Work
Detailed Explanation of EV Components, systems & their working principles
  • Detailed Explanation of EV Components, systems & their working principles
Business models in EV Ecosystem
  • Business models in EV Ecosystem
  • Business models in EV Ecosystem (Session-2)
CMVR Rules & Nomenclature
  • CMVR Rules & Nomenclature
Decoding various Polices at center & State
  • Decoding various Polices at center & State
  • Clutches
Gear Box
  • Gear Box
  • Assignment for EV Course Enthusiasts



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E-learning course on EV with a comprehensive curriculum


Specialized modules

Benefits of pursuing Electric Vehicles

  • The students and professionals are given an opportunity to expose themselves to multi-disciplinary expertise, including the significance of electric models and their mechanisms, vehicle design and its dynamics, powertrain design architecture, battery and energy storage systems, etc.
  • We believe in taking a practical approach to make our students understand. Our course is a specially designed one with effective teaching techniques that make the learning process more fun and enthusiastic.
  • A detailed fundamental understanding of policy objectives, public and private body interventions in the field of electric mobility is incorporated into this course.

Course Highlights

  • Understand the complete Electric Vehicle Market from a Global Perspective.
  • Learn how international policies influence domestic and local dynamics.
  • Present and Future of EVs and their technologies and evolution.
  • Complete working principles of EVs.
  • Decoding of various EV components, their working principles
  • Understanding the policy framework around EVs and interpreting it correctly.
  • Different business models that exist in EVs and how you can become an entrepreneur or an entrepreneur in the same.

Mentor - Rajeev YSR

Rajeev is an Automotive Engineer by qualification with Bachelor’s & Master’s degree from IIT Madras and brings with him the experience of working with the best in class automobile industries like TVS, BOSCH, Mahindra and Mahindra, and GATI, where he was leading the complete Electric Vehicle business unit and strategy and carried out last-mile deliveries through electric vehicles in India, 2018 through IKEA. Also, contributed a major share in building an entity, Avaan India for last-mile deliveries through electric vehicles and was crowned to be the Chief Operating Officer. He owns a membership position in the Policy Drafting committee of Telangana and Delhi and works closely with Rocky Mountain Institute and NITI Aayog at the central. With his expertise, he represents the logistics industry in the Electric Mobility revolution at many National and International Forums.

Requirements & Prerequisites

  • If you are a student or a professional, looking for job opportunities in the EV industry and want to understand the whole of it in a crash course and make yourself relevant to the interviews with the needed knowledge and understanding and help you excel at your job - This is for you.
  • If you are an entrepreneur / MSME owner - this course basically gives you all that data and helps you decide in what area you might venture into EVs and what business models exist and what do each of the policy frameworks mean.
  • Most importantly, you don't have to waste any of your time or efforts or energy in going through the internet, reports, policy documents, because all of that hard work has been done on your behalf and is condensed in such a way that whoever takes this course gets an unfair advantage and a heads up start.

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