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40 hours of comprehensive sessions, including industry-based projects + assessments.


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Any Graduates, Freshers, Engineers, Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, or Entrepreneurs.


Did we ever think that the Python programming language could make its enormous presence and impact every sector so rapidly, be it IT and non-IT sectors including Software & Product Development, Infrastructure and Support Systems, Education, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Automobile, Cyber Security, Surveillance Systems, Agriculture, Robotics, AI/ML applications, Healthcare, etc?

The reasons for its phenomenal adoption are plenty - ranging from that ease in learning through its simple syntactic structures that look like the English language to code less produce more advantages because of the vast sets of availability of libraries, giving Python can solve simple to very high complex problems that the industries and markets are facing in recent and current times and is also helping in building business-critical and sensitive applications rapidly by easily integrating with several other frameworks and infrastructures. more...

Course Highlights

   Engaging e-learning platform
   Valued Certification
   Specially designed curriculum
   Top industry experts
   Internship & Placement opportunities
   Prestigious institutional collaborations

     One-on-one student guidance support
     All-time Academic support throughout the course
     Learn at your own pace
   Easy & Convenient learning style
     Hassle-free access to course

Who is this course for?

We welcome Graduates, Freshers, Engineers (any stream), Professionals, Tech Enthusiasts, Entrepreneurs, and those who see the future in the Python industry. There’s a lot behind learning the science of Python, because of its vast scope and it is expected to be the most attractive industry in the coming generations.

Course Objectives

To become thorough and proficient in Python programming language.

Learn Python and gain the ability to quickly learn any framework that works with Python.

Become industry-ready.

Make career advancements.

Learn to reap the benefits of the rich set of libraries that deal with innumerable features and frameworks.

Learn Python to make careers, especially in Big Data & Analytics, AI/ML, NLP, API programming, web frameworks such as Flask & Django which are some of the fast-paced areas where Python is extensively used.

Course Curriculum

M-1 | Basics of Python Programming Language
  • Session-1: Python Introduction
  • Session-2: Python Syntaxes, Variables and Reserved Keywords
  • Session-3: Python Data Types
  • Session-4: Operators in Python
  • Session-5: Strings in Python
  • Session-6: Python Collections (List, Tuple, Set, Dictionary)
  • Session-7: Lists
  • Session-8: Tuples
  • Session-9: Set
  • Session-10: Dictionary
  • Session-11: Sorted Function on Collection Data Types
  • Session-12: Copy Collections (Hard Copy, Shallow Copy, Deep Copy)
  • Assessment-1
  • Assignment-1
M-2 | Introduction to Python Statements
  • Session-1: Pass, Control Statements
  • Session-2: Looping Statements (for-loop, while-loop, break, continue, for-loop-else clause)
  • Assessment-2
  • Assignment-2
M-3 | Introduction to Python Functions
  • Session-1: Function Definition, Types of Functions, Calling Functions
  • Session-2: User Defined Functions (based on Parameters)
  • Session-3: Recursive Functions
  • Session-4: Lambda Functions
  • Session-5: Map, Filter, Reduce Functions
  • Session-6: Closure Functions
  • Assessment-3
  • Assignment-3
M-4 | Python Modules & Packages
  • Session-1: What are Modules, Built-In & User Defined Modules, Advantages
  • Session-2: What are Packages, Built-In & User Defined Packages
  • Assessment-4
  • Assignment-4
M-5 | Exceptions and Exception Handling in Python
  • Session-1: What are Exceptions, How to Handle Exceptions using try-except-finally
  • Assessment-5
  • Assignment-5
M-6 | Object Oriented Programming in Python
  • Session-1: Introduction to OOPs, Principles, Encapsulation, Concepts, Terminologies
  • Session-2: Working with Classes, Objects, Instances, Static & Non-Static variables
  • Session-3: Constructors, Destructors, Dunders
  • Session-4: Exception Handling in OOPs, Assertions
  • Session-5: Types of Inheritances in OOPs, Polymorphism, Abstraction
  • Assessment-6
  • Assignment-6
M-7 | Working with Databases in Python
  • Session-1: Introduction to Databases, DBMS, RDBMS
  • Session-2: DB CRUD operations, Data Transfer, DB Exceptions Handling
  • Assessment-7
  • Mini Project-2
M-8 | Files in Python
  • Session-1: Introduction to Files concepts, File Handling in Python, Access Modes
  • Session-2: Reading & Writing Data, Additional File Methods
  • Session-3: Working with CSV Files
  • Session-4: Working with XML Files
  • Session-5: Working with JSON Files
  • Session-6: Exception Handling in Files
  • Session-7: Working with Files in Directories
  • Session-8: Files Synchronization using Pickle methods
  • Assessment-8
  • Mini Project-1
M-9 | Regular Expressions in Python
  • Session-1: Introduction to Regular Expressions, Pattern building Literals & Strings, Greedy Match
  • Session-2: Regular Expressions Functions
  • Session-3: Live Web Scraping using Regular Expression
  • Assessment-9
M-10 | Multi Threading In Python
  • Session-1: What is Multi-Threading, Multi-Threading with Functions & Classes
  • Assessment-10
M-11 | Logging in Python
  • Session-1: What is Logging, Advantages
  • Session-2: Steps to implement Logging
  • Assessment-11
M-12 | Unit Testing in PYthon
  • Session-1: What is Unit Testing, Test Case, Scenario, Suite
  • Session-2: Hands-on using ‘unittest’ built-in library
  • Session-3: Hands-on using ‘pytest’ external library
  • Assessment-12
  • Major Project-1
Doubt Clarification Session
  • Doubt Clarification Session



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Online Python course with extensive teaching methodology

Benefits of pursuing Python

  • Hands-on-oriented sessions blended with elegant explanations of core concepts, simple and relevant examples help candidates to learn faster and start developing projects and applications.
  • This course will help candidates fill the programming skill gaps; build the flow and competence that is expected by job markets and industries.
  • This course connects the academic and industry by bridging the gaps for the student communities.
  • Acts as an enabler to the working professionals to boost up their careers.
  • Our round-the-clock strong support teams help candidates to never stop learning and practicing by getting their doubts clarified in shorter response timelines and making them quickly move on further.

Mentor - Bala Krishna Mamidi

Bala is a Python and Machine Learning expert and holds M.Tech from NIT, Allahabad (Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh). With over a decade and a half of experience in the IT industry, he has been a Developer, Trainer, Mentor, and Solutions Provider using technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics with Python for various domains including IT, Education, Telecom, Manufacturing, Health care, Messaging Applications, etc. He is a Python & AI/ML Subject Matter Expert and a passionate tech trainer who has been training for working professionals, and especially students, graduates, and enthusiasts bridging the gap between Academics, Learning Industry, and IT/non-IT Industries, helping them quickly land into their dream jobs and make career advancements.

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