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Are you ready to unlock the power of Python?

Join our comprehensive and immersive Python programming course that's designed to take you from a beginner to a proficient coder. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a professional looking to enhance your skills, our program offers a rich learning experience that blends theory with practical application.

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Why Python?

Python's versatility and readability have made it one of the most popular programming languages in the world. From web development to data analysis, machine learning to automation, Python is a language that empowers you to turn your ideas into reality.

Objectives of the Program

  1   To help participants understand how Python is used in data science for daily life and business.                                   

  2   To enable the participants to learn the basics of Python.                                                                                                        

  3   To enable the participants to learn Python for Data Science hands-on.                                                                              

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1 : Basic building blocks
  • Introduction to Python
  • History of Python and its Features
  • Need of Python and its application in Different industries
  • Different IDE’s for Python
  • Installation of Anaconda Tool
  • Introduction to Jupyter Notebook
  • Basic Arithmetic and String Operations
  • Variable
  • Identifiers
  • Print and Input Function
Chapter 2 : Data Types
  • Numeric Data types
  • Integer
  • Float
  • Complex Number
  • Boolean
  • String
  • List - All List Operation
  • Tuple - All Tuple Operation
  • Dictionary - All Dictionary Operation
  • Set - All Set Operation
  • Type Casting: Data Conversion from one type to Another
Chapter 3: Operators
  • Logical Operators
  • Bitwise Operators
Chapter 4: Control Structure
  • Sequential
  • Alternative or Branching (If, If…else, If…elif…else)
  • Iterative or Loop (For loop, While loop, Break, Pass and Continue statements, Range functions)
Chapter 5: Functions
  • Pre defined Function
  • User Defined Function
  • Lambda Function
  • Recursive Function
Chapter 6: Data Structures
  • Linked List
  • Stack and Queue
  • Binary Tree
  • Binary Search Tree
  • Heap.
  • Sorting
  • Searching
  • Hashing
  • Asymptotic Analysis
  • Big-0-Notation
  • Time Complexity
Chapter 7: String Operations and Regular Expressions
  • String object basics
  • String methods
  • Splitting and Joining Strings
  • String format functions
Chapter 8: File Handling
  • Reading File
  • Writing Files
Chapter 9: Exception Handling
  • _Try__
  • Except
  • Finally
Chapter 10: The Object-Oriented Approach
  • Classes
  • Methods
  • Objects
  • Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance


Our Python for Machine Learning program's mission is to offer top-notch training accessible to all, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality. Our mentors are dedicated and committed to deliver high-quality training to enrich your learning experience.


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