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Best Certification Courses in India 2022: How EdifyPath Can Help You Get Your Dream Career?

Best Certification Courses in India 2022

Developing your skillset is of the highest priority, whether you are looking for a promotion, or a job change, or attending your first-ever Job Interview. This Edifypath’s exclusive article will give an overview of the Best Certification Courses in India to help job seekers improve the in-demand skills and get hired by companies in 2022.

India is all set to become a major force in the global economy, creating a huge demand for a skillful workforce in various ‘Sunrise Industries’ like AR/VR/XR, Gaming, Big Data, Machine Learning Etc. The driving factor behind India's economic growth will be its young population with 55% of the population being below 25 years of age.

Edifypath is India’s only dedicated platform for Professional Skill Courses. The mission and vision of Edifypath come down to filling the existing gaps in catering the industry acknowledged certificate courses to the young population. For this, Edifypath has created a comprehensive e-Learning platform with mentorship from the various industries' subject experts.

Top Certificate Courses in India 2022 - Catching up with the changing trends in India.

Certificate courses from Edifypath are proof that you have successfully completed the entire course in a meaningful way and have passed the necessary skill tests. These certificates allow you to show your employers that you have been upskilled or apply for entirely new jobs in the field of your choice.

Increase your chance of getting hired by top companies with certificate courses in these most in-demand ‘Top Certificate Courses in India 2022’

Scalable Machine Learning (ML) on Big Data (PySpark)

PySpark is the Python Package for Apache Spark which allows you to write Spark Applications with Python APIs. Learning Apache Spark, Apache Spark SQL and DataFrame is key to making a lucrative career in Scalable Machine Learning of Big Data.

What is Scalable Machine Learning?

Scalable Machine Learning is the process of creating Scalable Techniques to measure and analyze a very large amount of data (Big Data) to execute meaningful logic. For example, you can learn Apache Spark to create your own scalable technique that filters out spam from the available email data.

Scalability has been the keyword in the world of Big Data. Without these scalable techniques, we don’t have the learning algorithms that keep consuming huge amounts of Big Data to come to any useful conclusions or real-time analytics.

Scalable Machine Learning (ML) PySpark Online Certificate Course

Machine Learning and Big Data are multi-billion dollar industries with stellar annual growth forecasts for the coming decade. Edifypath’s PySpark course is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make a career in the Big Data and ML industry.

A total of 30 hours of Edifypath online course will make you proficient in Apache Spark terminology, Apache Spark SQL and DataFrame, and all other relevant Apache tools. This course offered by expert mentor Mr. Vijay Gowtham Reddy comes with six months validity for the flexibility of learners. This is the best opportunity for the job holders to learn PySpark on the weekends with minimal time and effort. Check out Edifypath’s PySpark Course to know more.

Big Data Hadoop Certificate Course in 2022

Big Data Hadoop is another entry for anyone who wants a career in the Big Data industry. Hadoop for Big Data is an open-source framework written in Java. Big Data Hadoop is used by many big companies to process and handle petabytes of data. Learning Big Data Hadoop can be a feather on your hat that makes your resume stand out in the crowd.

Enroll now for EdifyPath’s Big Data Hadoop Course in 2022 for upward growth in your career.

Learn Agile Online: Agile Certificate Course in 2022

Agile is a dynamic software development system best suited for businesses with software requirements that change very rapidly. Learning Agile Methods is one of the key skills in 2022 in the field of Software Development. Agile offers unique methods to keep up with the changing requirements while you are developing software. Some of the key associated skills include Agile Software Development, Software Development Kit, Scrum, etc.

Edifypath’s Agile Online Course introduces you to the world of Agile and gets you career-ready in no time in Agile methods and concepts.

Manual Testing Course in 2022 - Why do you need a Manual Testing Certificate Course?

Manual Testing Certificate Course allows you to learn key skills required in software testing without any automated testing tools. The demand for Manual Testing jobs in the information and technology industry is ever-growing. Taking a course in Manual Testing will get you ready with all the confidence for your interview.

Edifypath’s Manual Testing Course gets you interview-ready in key concepts like what is Static Testing? What is Black-box Testing, What is Test Coverage? Etc. Enroll now and kick start your career in the field of manual testing.

Career Opportunities in 2022 with Online Certificate Course in SharePoint

SharePoint is a popular Microsoft platform for document management and collaboration used by several leading companies. Improving the SharePoint skills in 2022 can get you career opportunities as a SharePoint Full Stack Developer, Consultant, SharePoint Business Analyst, etc.

With an annual job salary range of $90,000 to $100,000, SharePoint-related jobs are in high demand in 2022. EdifyPath’s Certificate Course on SharePoint is the easiest way to start a career in SharePoint. Enroll now for the online course under the mentorship of the Industry expert, Mr. Praveen Pudi, and learn complete SharePoint in 60 hours.

Best Certifications to Get In India 2022 (Extended List)

The ever-changing landscape of the Internet and Technology has been creating a wide range of career opportunities for skillful people that were hitherto unknown. Staying updated with new technology and required skills are of paramount importance for people aspiring to reach great heights in their careers. EdifyPath is on this mission to provide a comprehensive e-Learning platform for professional skills, Stay tuned for more career enabling courses in 2022 from Edifypath.

Course/Industry NameAnnual Salary Range (approximate)
Cyber Security215,000 - 250,000 USD
Cloud Architect/ Cloud Computing150,000 - 250,000 USD
DevOps155,000 - 200,000 USD
Programming100,000 - 120,000 USD
Data Science154,000 - 175,000 USD
Digital Marketing 60,000 - 80,000 USD

*Above mentioned salaries or global average in USD dollars. Salaries and perks for these job roles change with each country based on their national per capita and economy.

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